Zara Returns (with discounts up to 70%)


The company SAYWEAR – ZARA Cyprus .. just announced to us that on Monday, May 4, it returns dynamically … ensuring maximum safety for everyone!

The SAYWEAR-ZARA Cyprus group, representative of the well-known chain of Inditex stores (Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Berska, Zara Home, Oysho) with a special sense of responsibility towards its thousands of customers and staff, faithfully following the instructions of the state , of the Ministry of Health and international applications has taken all the necessary steps so that the return of all from Monday, May 4 to its stores not only to be done with maximum safety but also to be combined with discounts of up to 70% in ZARA stores and up to 30% at STEPS Massimo Dutti!

In terms of hygiene, the Group’s Management has taken the following specific steps:
• Installing antiseptic solutions at each entrance and exit of the stores for use by staff and customers as well as baskets.
• Configuration of air conditioning systems in all stores so that they do not recycle indoor air but introduce fresh air into the space.
• Complete disinfection and cleaning of all stores giving special meticulousness to all frequently touched surfaces such as shelves, hangers and service counters. This will be done at regular intervals throughout the day.

From Monday, May 4, the following will be strictly applicable in all stores:
o In all stores of the group, depending on the square meters and the employees, a corresponding number of customers will be entered.
o Every customer at the entrance and exit must apply hand hygiene.
o The distances of 2 meters between employees and customers should be observed as much as possible. If the distances cannot be observed then the use of a mask will be mandatory.
o The test storages of the stores for reasons of maximizing the safety please as they are avoided since there will be a special arrangement and flexibility in cases of change of products.
o Where it is possible to pay in cash to use bank cards. However, payment will be accepted by any method.

The Group’s stores that will open on Monday, May 4, per province are:
Nicosia: Zara, Massimo Dutti and Oysho in Makariou, Bull and Bear and Bershka in Ledra. Limassol: Zara Independence and Larnaca: Zara and Bershka

With a slogan, We leave the house, but we stay safe, the group’s stores are ready to welcome their thousands of customers again!