Vettel leaves Ferrari: shock or the expected finale?


Pilot Ferrari Sebastian Vettel made an official statement in which he confirmed that he would leave the Italian team at the end of the 2020 season. The corresponding statement is published on the official website of Formula 1.

“My relationship with Ferrari will end at the end of 2020. To achieve the best results in this sport, it is very important that all parties work in perfect harmony. My team and I realized that we have no desire to stay together after the end of this season.

Sebastian Vettel about his departure and Ferrari

Financial issues did not play any role in the negotiations. This is not the most important moment when it comes to making certain decisions. What has happened in the past few months has made many of us think about the true priorities in life. We have to adapt to the changing situation. I will take the time to reflect on what is really important to me in the future.

“Scuderia” has a special place in Formula 1, and I hope that it will achieve all the successes that it deserves. I want to thank the entire Ferrari family and, above all, its typhosis around the world for the support they have provided me over the years.

My immediate goal is to end my long stay at Ferrari as bright as possible. I hope that together we will share some more wonderful moments, ”Vettel’s words are quoted.

Recall that as a substitute for the four-time world champion in Scuderia, experts called the McLaren pilot Carlos Sainz, Renault racer Daniel Riccardo and Antonio Giovinazzi from Alfa Romeo.

Honestly, the choice before the Ferrari will be difficult. Their new favorite, the ambitious young Charles Lecler will be the leader in the new season. “Scuderia” made all bets on him, having signed a contract with him for several seasons in advance. 

The tactics and strategy of Ferrari, promoted by Mattia Binotto, proved to be a failure. Two Alpha pilots fought not only with rivals, but also measured their strengths with each other. It is likely that now the Italians will follow the path of the Mercedes, clearly dividing the pilots into the first and second. Redbulovites have already taken over this, promoting Max Verstappen (in common people – a sneaker). 

If we consider such a decision and the development of events – the most dangerous combination of Leclair – Riccardo. Daniel already lost to Verstappen in the Red Bull, survived the sabotage by the mechanics and technicians of the team. Then he was young and gentle. His kindness and nobility became the “talk of the town.” But now everything can change and Riccardo can behave quite differently. He will fight the young Lecler and will not give up his leadership position. Variation Hamilton – Bottas Ferrari with him will not work. 

It’s hard to talk about the behavior of Carlos Science. Definitely, he is more accommodating. Well, Govinatsii – until he proved himself as a pilot of the first echelon of teams. It is difficult to imagine whether he will be able to satisfy the requirements of the “Scuderia”, which raise the bar higher and higher with each season. 

Sebastian Vettel, Seb, as fans affectionately call him (or a wick – as Russian-speaking fans know him) – the legendary racer! With his departure, Formula 1 will change. Everyone will miss his humor, smiles and, of course, the famous pirouettes … spinner … Ahead of the 2020 season. Sebastian will still surprise and delight his fans and all of us! We look forward to the first Grand Prix on July 5 !

Posted by Anna Anna Ioannou