Returning to the usual rhythm. What to expect from the Hungarian Grand Prix?


After a bright start to the season at the Austrian Grand Prix and a much more boring continuation at the Styrian Grand Prix, Formula 1 moves to one of the championship’s most unloved fans – Hungarian Hungaroring, in anticipation of which the “big circus”, apparently, is finally became himself.


There are two unrelated concepts related to the situation in Formula 1. One of them – the “piranha club” – is actually semi-official, introduced by the old Eddie Jordan during the debut in F1 of Michael Schumacher. The second – the “swamp” – is usually used only by fans who derogatoryly call the middle of the peloton, the part that rarely gets into the lenses of television cameras and where there is not much real struggle.

Before the Hungarian Grand Prix, these two concepts merged together in the form of another undercover fight involving Renault and Racing Point. “Once upon a time, four peoples lived in peace,” said the main character of the cult animated series “The Legend of the Airanga”. So in the “Formula 1” once the “pink”, formerly “Force India”, and “Renault” lived in peace, fighting with a common enemy – “Haas”, which was called the budget copy of “Ferrari”. But everything flows, everything changes, and in the “royal races” everything costs money, which at one time became a stumbling block in the relations of the two stables.

Renault in 2018 was against early payments close to the bankruptcy of Force India, which urgently changed its owner and name, Racing Point in 2019 filed a protest in retaliation after the installation of Renault brakes at the Japanese Grand Prix, depriving French points, and now, the third series – revenge on revenge. Immediately after the Styrian Grand Prix, Renault has already filed a protest against the racing of the Racing Point brakes, as well as the rest of the “licked” car from last year’s Mercedes.

The FIA ​​recognized the indignation of the French team as legal and requested details of the Mercedes and the pink ones for verification, the results of which will become known in early August and may come back to Racing Point both by scoring and disqualification.


Let’s be honest, only the notorious optimists before the start of the Austrian Grand Prix had hopes that at least someone would be able to impose competition on the Mercedes this season, and even those hopes were completely defeated by two races on the Red Bull Ring. Moreover, during the Styrian Grand Prix, the dominance of the “silver arrows”, which turned black, was so great that from the fan environment, after the starting five circles, the familiar “close the season, carry the next” stretched.

Before the Hungarian stage, in such a situation, only two questions initially arose: how many pilots would be able to not lose the circle to Mercedes (in 2019, only three succeeded), and how much the Ferrari will be disgraced once again, knocking each other out in the past The Grand Prix. But by the middle of the week, optimists again received food for hope, which came with a weather forecast – unlike Shpilberg, in Modyorod, where, in fact, the Hungaroring track is located, rain is promised throughout the weekend.

True, promises were promises, but Formula 1 has long been accustomed to the fact that, as if by a wave of a magic wand, precipitation came to it exclusively before and after the race. The exception was only last year’s German Grand Prix, and now the entire fan community crossed their fingers in the expectation that the Hungarian “big prize” would be the same exception.

Fingers were crossed and at tiffozi – at Ferrari they promised to bring a full package of updates to the Hungaroring. Although, to be honest, in only a couple of weeks, maybe the godmother, who is soon to visit Maranello, where, according to rumors, are ready to drive Cinderella-Binotto away, is clearly not in a hurry. In Hungary, everything will depend on qualifications, and if Charles Lecler and Sebastian Vettel manage to break into the third segment there, there is a chance that this time they will still score points at the finish.


Against the backdrop of all this, much more attention these days goes to the “younger sisters” of “Formula 1” – “Formula 2” and “Formula 3”, who have gathered all the scattering of racing talents of the planet this year. In F3, even taking into account the race cut off due to rain, an unusual serious struggle unfolded in the second stage.

And even though the leaders, as before, were a trio of representatives of Italian mastodons from Prema, but ten people managed to visit four races in four races, and 16-year-old Frenchman Theo Purcher managed to win one of them yesterday’s debutant became the youngest triumph of the race.

In F2, the intrigue wrapped up even more. The guys who went on the promotion from last year’s “treshka” immediately took off the bat and at the second stage together “pushed” the “old men”. The Russians Robert Schwartzman, the Dane Christian Lundgor and the Japanese Yuki Tsunoda were especially distant in this regard. The first two in the end are now leading the individual standings of the series, with Robert clearly aiming to set up a Ferrari, in whose academy he learns the basics of motorsport, a headache. “Scuderia” does not hide the desire in 2021 to bring to Formula 1 the son of the legendary Michael Schumacher Mick, but while Mick himself is struggling with technology, the Russian wins the race, and the title in “Formula 2” will not leave Ferrari otherwise of choice, except to plant Schwartzman in Alfa Romeo.

In Hungary, after all this, the guys from the “youth” will be focused on attention. Robert, for example, has to prove that the Hungaroring has ceased to be one of his least favorite tracks. But Mik Schumacher, on the contrary, to confirm his class at the “Hungarian kartodrome for” Formula 1 “.

Schedule of the racing weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix F1

Friday, July 18
12:00 – first training
16:00 – second training

Saturday, July 19
13:00 – third workout
16:00 – qualification

Sunday, July 20
16:10 – Hungarian Grand Prix