Named areas where it’s easiest to become a billionaire


Researchers at  Wealth-X  ranked the areas in which it is easiest to make a fortune and become a billionaire.

Specialists analyzed a database of millionaires with a fortune of more than five million dollars to find out how and where they earned their money.

So, the leader is the financial and banking sector (30% of the rich). In the second place is the services sector (16%), in the third place are non-profit and public organizations (7%).

Further, the ranking of business segments where you can earn millions looks like this:

  • Real estate (5.4% of wealthy people)
  • Health (4.9%)
  • Technology (4.7%)
  • Production (4.1%)
  • Hotel business and entertainment (4.1%)
  • Construction and manufacturing of machinery (3.9%)
  • Food and drink (3.8%)

According to analysts, the most favorable for business countries – the United States and China.

Experts also predict that in the future, entrepreneurs will begin to grow wealthier at a younger age, and the proportion of wealthy women in the world will only grow.