More reduction of fuel prices in Cyprus continues


The reduction of fuel prices in Cyprus continues with the price of unleaded petrol and diesel being a breath away from breaking the psychological barrier of € 0.90 cents per liter.

Based on the price observatory of the Ministry of Energy, the price of unleaded 95 octane gasoline fell to € 0.909 per liter, diesel to € 0.919 cents per liter and heating oil to € 0.588 per liter.

Steel 95

Average Price in € (Pancyprian): 0.966
Cheaper Price in € (Pancyprian): 0.909
More Exact Price in € (Pancyprian): 0.998
Unleaded 98
Mean denominated in € (Nationwide): 1030
Cheaper Price denominated in € (Nationwide): 0.955
expensive price denominated in € (Nationwide): 1244

Mean denominated in € (Nationwide): 0.993
Cheaper Price denominated in € (Nationwide): 0.929
Expensive price denominated in € (Nationwide): 1,037

Oil heating
Average price denominated in € (Nationwide): 0.639
Cheaper price denominated in € (Nationwide): 0.588
expensive price denominated in € (Nationwide): 0.899

Average price denominated in € (Nationwide): 0.779
Cheaper price € (Pancyprian): 0.722
Expensive Price in € (Pancyprian): 0.899 Cheaper gas stations Pancyprian Amolyvdi 95 octane SHELL Alamra Limassol Avenue

SHELL drive oil Limassol Avenue Alambra

Heating oil
FILL N GO Larnaca Avenue Nicosia
PETROLINA Kyriakou Avenue Matsi Nicosia
EKO Prodromou Strovolos Avenue