How much do tourists spend in Cyprus…(used to spent)


To imagine the possible income of the tourist sector of Cyprus, you need to look at how much travelers from different countries usually leave on the island. In July last year, 550,971 people flew to Cyprus, spending 422 million euros in the country. Of the countries that are now in categories A and B, there were 190,908 tourists in Cyprus. The most generous of them were Lebanese. They spent on average 5 days in Cyprus and spent 153 euros per day. One person spent about 753 euros for his entire stay on the island.

Lebanese even managed to circumvent the citizens of Switzerland, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The Swiss spent about 125 euros per day. They stayed on the island for an average of 9 days, one tourist spent 1,110 euros during this time. In third place were the Belgians, who spent about 112 euros a day, and the cost of one tourist for the entire nine-day vacation was approximately 968 euros.

At the end of the list of generous guests are the Greeks, who, on the island for an average of one and a half weeks, spent about 39 euros or 369 euros per day for the entire vacation. The penultimate place on the list was suddenly taken by Denmark, which is also considered a rather wealthy country with a wealthy population. One average Dane spent up to 69 euros a day, and for the entire period of rest in Cyprus (a little more than nine days) – about 640 euros.