EU crude divorce rate on the rise,Cyprus is in the Top 10


Over the last decades, more and more people have been getting a divorce in the EU. In 2017, there were 2.0 divorces per 1 000 persons in the EU, more than double the crude divorce rate (0.8 divorces per 1 000 persons) recorded in 1965.

Crude divorce rate: lowest Malta and Ireland, highest in Latvia and Lithuania

In 2018, among EU Member States, the lowest crude rates were registered in Malta (0.7 divorces per 1 000 persons) and Ireland (0.7, 2017 data), Slovenia (1.1), Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy (all three 1.5).

By contrast, the highest crude divorce rates were recorded in Latvia and Lithuania (both 3.1 divorces per 1 000 persons), followed by Denmark (2.6) and Sweden (2.5).