Eurostat: 5.6% of the population in the EU and 9.4% in Cyprus, were severely materially deprived in 2019


In 2019, 5.6% of the population or around 24 million people in the European Union (EU27), 9.4% in Cyprus (ranking 5th) and 15.9% in Greece (ranking 2nd)  were severely materially deprived, according to data released today by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU.

According to Eurostat, this means that they could not afford at least four of the following items, which are considered by most people to be desirable or necessary to lead an adequate life: pay their bills on time; keep their home adequately warm; face unexpected expenses; eat meat (or fish or the vegetarian equivalent) regularly; take a one week holiday away from home; a TV; a washing machine; a car; a telephone.

Eurostat states that “the 2019 data reflect the continued downward trend in the proportion of people severely materially deprived in the EU since the peak of 10.2 % in 2012”.